emPower Helps Health Care Providers.

By providing better tools for patients and smarter payment methods, providers can lower bad debt and simplify billing.

Provider Impact

Patients are unlikely to pay medical bills that are greater than 5% of household income, according to the Advisory Board, a consulting firm to hospitals.

Win-Win for Patients and Providers

By providing flexible payment coverage to patients, we are addressing the financing needs that are responsible for patient’s inability to pay, thus lowering provider’s risk of bad debt.

Payment Assured

emPower assures that your patients have the funding to cover unreimbursed medical expenses, which reduces the risk of bad debts and administrative costs.

Access to Personal Health Data

Our LifeScore application enables your patients to track and manage key lifestyle behaviors. As the industry moves from a fee-for-service to outcome based model, this data will become increasingly valuable in managing population health.

emPower Your Patients!

Our tools are designed to help your patients finance payments and make better lifestyle choices, which over time lead to better health outcomes and lower health care costs.

Let Us Help!

We believe in supporting both patients and providers through better payment and financing tools.

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