How it Works

Members agree to make fixed monthly contributions to their Health Savings Account and in turn receive a line of credit in an amount up to their annual maximum out of pocket costs under their High Deductible Health Plan.

An Innovative Solution to Managing Your Health Care Dollars

Mobile First Design

An innovative and eloquent mobile solution designed with your needs in mind.

Money When You Need It

Assures liquidity when major unexpected medical expenses arise.

Payments Made Easy

Whether setting up your contributions, withdrawing savings or paying your medical expenses, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Fixed Contributions

Your contributions are determined by your line of credit and remain fixed throughout your membership.

Earn & Save Money

Receive lower interest rates on your advances compared to more traditional health savings accounts or commercially available consumer loans.

Reap Rewards

Our proprietary LifeScore helps you track and reward healthy lifestyle choices.

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