emPower for Employers

emPower can help businesses provide better options for employees.

The Underinsured

Most households under High Deductible Health Plans lack the liquidity to fund a major medical expense.

Win-Win for Employers and Employees

By closing the insurance gap of High Deductible Health Plans, we are addressing the 800 pound gorilla in the room: employees are underinsured.

A Better Way to Manage Health Care Costs

We provide an integrated solution that enables your employees to budget for and assures them liquidity to fund unexpected medical expenses. Our LifeScore program enables you to reward employees who track and make healthy lifestyle choices, which overtime lead to better health outcomes.

Reducing Financial Stress

By providing liquidity and assurance of medical expenses, employees become more attentive and less stressed in their times of need and throughout their careers.

emPower Your Employees!

We provide the best tools to help your employees track and manage their physical and financial health and assure funding when the unexpected arises.

Let Us Help!

We believe in supporting both employees and employers navigating the ever-changing health care landscape.

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